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Water & Sewer

Water Department

The Water Department is a separate entity from the Borough, so water bills cannot be paid at the Borough office. All water-related matters are handled by the  Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (BCRA) , located at 410 Mill Creek Road in Stroud Township, telephone 570- 421-3232.

Sewer Department

In 2011, the Stroudsburg Borough Sewer Department was folded into the BCRA, which now has complete responsibility for operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant located at the end of Kitson Street. Stroudsburg Borough retains responsibility for operation and maintenance of the  sewer collection system  (see the end of this page).

The BCRA handles billing for both water and sewer service, included on one quarterly bill for each customer. Bills are mailed approximately four to six weeks after the end of each quarter.

Sewer rates per unit are as follows:

$55 – Residential
$65 – Commercial
$75 – Industrial
$3.20 per 1,000 gallons water consumption

Penalty charges:

5% for 1-30 days delinquent
9% for 31-60 days delinquent
1% for 61 + days delinquent

Water and sewer inquiries may be handled directly by the BCRA, 410 Mill Creek Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, or call 570-421-3232.

Important Note:  Stroudsburg Borough maintains responsibility for operation and maintenance of the  sewer collection system  – that is the underground main line sanitary sewer pipes. To report a problem, call Public Works at 570-421-0490, or after hours call 570-992-9911.

The Borough is responsible for these pipes up to where they are connected (usually in or near the street) to privately-owned buildings. Property owners are responsible for maintenance of the sanitary sewer connection lines (laterals) from the sewer main line to the building. Maintenance on these lines is normally performed by a qualified professional plumber, hired by the private property owner.